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Gerovital-H3 Dietary Supplement

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The Dietary Supplement and anti-aging Gerovital main active ingredient is procaine hydrochloride. This famous and genuine antiaging formula was discovered in Bucharest by doctor Ana Aslan. In the 1950's Procaine was used by podiatrists and dentists as local anesthetic. Professor Ana Aslan added the buffering agents benzoic acid and potassium metabisulphite in exact secret proportions and compounding protocols. Gerovital H3 or GH3 for short was born! Gerovital - a new preparation that experts in the field claim to reverse the ageing process. In the United States Gerovital is protected under the Dietary Supplements Act of 1994.

Getting older is not for the faint of heart. People who are especially active and used to feeling good may find the aging process difficult. You want to get up and go but your body says no and it can cause anxiety, frustration and even depression. Even though 50 is the new 30, nobody has told your body that, and when you want it to perform optimally, it might just scream "no way".

There are Gerovital tablets and gerovital cream anti-aging products on the market declaring they can assist slowing down the aging process. However, there are so many that it is difficult to know where to start. Whom can you trust when it comes to these anti-aging products? Does the company believe it's positive workings of the product, or do they just want your money?

Fortunately, people who want to slow down or even reverse the aging process will find comfort in the fact that a variety of doctors has given their stamp of approval to GH3 or Gerovital tablets. The doctors themselves stated that numerous patients have benefited from Gerovital tablets or injections. Some doctors are even taking Gerovital themselves.

Besides improved functionality of the body and major organs, you will begin noticing improved elasticity of your skin. You will begin to feel better and younger, and people will want to remark how good your skin and hair look. What benefits!

Another beneficial gain patients are experiencing from Gerovital tablets, is that they feel mentally more alert. Aging slows down mental acumen and some people find they are not as sharp as they once were. Fortunately, the brain can heal itself at any age and supplementing with Gerovital can make you feel mental acuity improve formidably. Forgetting where you left your keys or your eyeglasses will become outdated as you become more alert and begin to think more quickly.

Some people, when getting older, find their sex drive reduced. This could be a result of not sleeping sufficiently or feel having reduced energy. Doctors report that patients, who received Gerovital H3 tablets or injections, experienced improved sex drive, sleep and more energy.

Because Gerovital suplements contain procaine hydrochloride, users experience it being an effective MAO inhibitor that may alleviate depression and other mental ailments. Patients even come to notice improvements on their high blood pressure and arthritis symptoms.

Why wait another day when you can slow down the aging process? Begin a course of action for GH3 dietary supplement and be on your way feeling younger, more vital and healthier!

"I believe that Gerovital H3 or GH3 for short, also improves the oxygen capacity of the blood. What happens, you improve the function of every organ in the body. Gerovital H3 has different effects on different people, sometimes you do not even notice what is happening to you until somebody asks if you have had a facelift! The most notable effect of GH3 is that loose, flaccid skin becomes smooth and tight rather quickly". Dr. David Kratz, USA

"Every month I am more amazed with the anti-aging results of Gerovital - after giving it to 50 patients and taking it myself for several months - they are not only very significant physical improvements, but mental and emotional as well".
Dr. Albert Simard, Member of the American Medical Association

"Gerovital is a state-of-the art in anti-aging formulas. Anyone who wants to prevent or alleviate age-related diseases should be taking GH-3 every day".
Dr. Hans Kugler, Chicago's Roosevelt University - author of "Slowing Down the Aging Proces

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