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The early days of Dr. Ana Aslan discovery of Gerovital H3

1) Gerovital H3 genesis

In what way would you prefer to remain young? Or how would you stop or delay the eventual decaying of your physiological and psychological self? In what way would like to eschew the devastating feeling caused by aging?

Apart from that, most importantly what is the way of escaping senility, a staggering, mumbling and oblivious state of self?

Gerovital - Irrespective of you age, it can be thirty or eighty, but you have a way to avoid that dreadful state.

We perceive to have most of the answer in this discussion. However, the description of Gerovital H3, which may be the most unique and essential thing you have ever encountered, should be accounted first prior to finding those answers. Definitely, you are going to be immensely impressed by it if you are really worried about the most dreaded enemy of human being that getting old to die.

The cast in our story comprises some eminent personalities on earth such as Hollywood stars, philosophers and scientists along with a few common people who have been taking the help of Gerovital tablets. Both old and young people exist in that group. Truly, the researchers exhibit unique, original and pristine mindset. It is the first time that a sincere research study regarding a very strong enemy has united a great assemblage of some truly geniuses and near-genius people.

The emergence of our story of Gerovital has happened a long time ago at the time of man’s evolution from an animal that was completely different from the other living beings in the nature and gradually became cognizant about the fear of demise. Nevertheless, moving on to modern times, a day came which was pretty much mundane and normal for the world but at the same time it was quite memorable to the man and his future generation.

On this day, the existence of a strongly effective, true and nearly ubiquitous aging antidote was announced by a Romanian female doctor to a dubious group of notable medical students. The venue and date of that were Karlsruhe in West Germany and 5 th September in 1956 respectively.

The principal topic of that seminar was aging and its prevention and delay, which was almost unknown and unexplored to all. Across the world, the entire life was dedicated by many renowned doctors to win over the apparently inevitable formula that is inescapable by all living and most of the inanimate objects in this nature. It starts from Birth, moving on to Maturity, Aging and ends in Death.


2) Birth | Maturity | Aging | Death

The inevitability of aging and decay has yet not been prevented to a notable degree by all those modern advents of science. Even, man has yet not succeeded in escaping the normal 70 years span of life as provided by certain Biblical prophets. The researcher get into more perplexed situations with this topic over the time compared to where he/she initially was at. Studies on aging mostly lead to disappointment, dissatisfaction and exasperation. However, man never does away with studying this topic as its queries and objectives were very interesting and riveting.

This was the reason of gathering of some eminent doctors at Karlsruhe so that they could discuss over subtle hints, communicate stock concepts and theories and ultimately savour wine and drink mineral water on the basis of quiet, sardonic and outspoken inclination. Moreover, it also considers the degree of their hormonal flow and their inhibited mind or habitual reflexes and even most of the time they knew that much exasperating talking and fatiguing mind and body was leading to absolute futility. Thus, it was very much frustrating for all those great minds to become helpless to this unstoppable process.

So far this was the scenario of study on aging till 1956. Therefore, it was quite surprising when Dr. Ana Aslan to proclaim that an ordinary local anesthetic procaine found in Gerovital H3 (called novocaine in USA ) could be potent enough to slow down this strong phenomena of aging or reverse it and this created an incredulous sensation over that symposium.

Dr. Aslan served as director of Romania 's Institute of Geriatrics in Bucharest and she made her proclamation through the evidence of three groups of people comprising patients of thirty and forty years of age. The groups altogether consisted of these patients and 2500 more outpatients were also included in it.

Doctor Aslan prepared her evidence through extensive experiments for 5 years among aged people that came for treatment at the Geriatrics Otopeni Institute In Bucharest where she demonstrated that a very strong anti aging element later known as Gerovital H3 was present in the procaine hydrochloride preparation.

Dr. Aslan informed about the productive contribution that the formulation containing procaine hydrochloride known as GH3 upon the patients at the Bucharest geriatric Institute during that seminar. A regenerative impact on a cellular level and a commonly advantageous impact were professed by her. In her proclamation, she further noted that people of more than fifty years of age had revived the feeling of youth or got back that energy of living with the general application of this treatment. To identify its prolonged effect, depression, muscular vigour, hypertension, arthritis and angina pectoris were considerably ameliorated. Additionally, regrowth and recolouring of hair had been experienced by few patients as well as the result of using Gerovital tablets .

Imagining consternation was possible that uncovered the news to the dignitaries as most of the people would be sceptical while learning about such news today.

She asked for no recognition for her discovery of procaine-gerovital tablets and injections being beneficial for several illnesses; she referred to French physician Rene Leriche and other doctors regarding the remedial characteristic of procaine for arthritis and as such ailments. The uniqueness of her rediscovery lies in, according to her, the effectiveness of procaine in anti aging. It had not been yet discovered by the researchers as they directed several specialities in futility such as how their specific problems could be done away and with the publication of reports the subject was forgotten. Their attention diverted into other things and most of the modern scientists started dwelling upon the notion of “publish or perish”. In the meantime, those reports got hidden under a thick layer of dust in the archives and literally the researchers also got oblivious regarding those reports if not they are outstanding in relation to any popular phenomena or explicitly throw challenges to the work of someone or corroborate for that matter.


It should be noted here separately that the proclamation of Dr. Aslan was not on an ordinary procaine, it was far superior to ordinary procaine which became known as Gerovital H3 injections. The contribution of the ingredients added to the end result was not accounted seriously by people at initial level and but it happened. They created explicit difference especially affecting the balance of acid-alkaline (pH). It clarifies slightly why the researchers did not succeed in duplicating the experiment on Gerovital by Aslan and also due to this Aslan’s result could not officially be made into western medicine ortodoxy.

The high level of scepticism of the doctors present in that conference opposed the research on Gerovital by Aslan. Everybody was very much doubtful regarding the surprising capability of procaine which was five decades old all over the world. On the surface level her proclamation had adequate credibility: starting from safe keeping of records to establishing control groups. And the period of 6 years was sufficient enough for difficult human health related problems. But the question is why, in spite of five decade long existence of procaine, nobody was able to recognize these effects?

Can you guess the state of mind of Ana Aslan having known that her proclamation would be dismissed overlooking her extensively laborious presentation? Was she devastated or mortified?

She informed that it did happen to her, but it did not convince her to lose hope. She was very much confident about the truthfulness of her presentation on Gerovital tablets preparation . She was confident about her colleagues and her working path. She had the concrete evidence obtained from her patients. Hapless, poor and tottering old people eventually died unknown by leaving a scrimping existence. In fact, more or less this has been the scenario of old people since the beginning of times.

During the fluctuating career of Dr. Ana Aslan could not guess the difficulty in coming times or the painful controversy outside Romania and mounting frustration. She disruptively received, however, the energetic interest of colleagues through some disintegrated chit-chats and finally she made through the worldwide acceptance of Gerovital tablets. Even it was not known to her that ultimately England the USA would not recognize her revelation until millions of people got better after the treatment for more than two decades. Accounting the equally large number of people that died without getting any treatment compelled her to conduct countless extensive experiments on Gerovital. However, it acquired eventually a very slow and agonizing reorganization where Governments would need to provide full cooperation and resources along with development of a very friendly nature.

It was completely unknown to Dr Aslan that another Romanian MD under her guidance had been studying her work and found very intriguing at a home of old people. He witnessed old tottering hapless souls were reviving life. He did away his accomplishing career as an ophthalmologist-researcher for experimenting with Gerovital tablets and injections in theUSA . Pushing aside your preoccupation or coincidence, this integral part when was fused into the right pattern resulted into something unimaginable.

In the following year 1957, our story of Gerovital H3 saw happier times. Another meeting was arranged with the same group at Karlsruhe. In the meantime, the research of Dr. Aslan had found a place in a notable German medical journal named The Rapiewoche. Thus, those doctors by that time had gone through her entire article regarding Gerovital H3 injections and observed evidences in this regard. In this round, she was appreciated with loud applauds by the present dignitaries. Actually, she had unlocked a totally unknown vision on aging.

She puts forward the same old evidences added with more findings obtained in one year but there was a tint of apprehensiveness in her mind. Moreover, as she divulged later, she was not that comfortable due to the political circumstance. The cold war was still going on. The entire world was divided into anti-communism and communism. More than anywhere else, East and West Germany were the erstwhile enemies of each other always ready to hurl attack. Romania had to gone though some bemusing changes such as the rule of West-inclined Royal government in the leadership of King Michael, followed by Hitler’s Fascist regime in Germany in World War II, the Soviet Union taking over by defeating Hitler and establishing Socialist republic government with the alliance of USSR. Thus, quite naturally, these political upheavals were bewildering for Romanians.

Nevertheless, Dr. Aslan realized that science has the power of rising beyond any political uprising or geographical barriers when everyone regarded her with such honour for her research on Gerovital H3 at Karlsruhe in September 1957.

Receiving such honours did not influence any scientist of any country to accept without testing, be it in East or in West. However, occasional testing had already started in many countries such as USA, Switzerland, England, Italy, Turkey and France from West and from East such as Bulgaria and Soviet Union.

As mentioned before, scientists in the USA and England failed to obtain Aslan’s results because they applied ordinary procaine instead of Gerovital. It is interesting to know, later on in US around 1965,in the name of ‘Sink the Procaine Myth’ an experiment with single procaine and Gero-vital was conducted. And the researchers were surprised to see the significant difference between procaine and Gerovital tablets and its results were really beneficial to the aged patients as were exactly proclaimed by Dr. Aslan. Additionally, substantial laboratory tests were carried out in order to establish the clinical findings truthfully.

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