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I ordered the GH3 product after looking on line at several different Gerovital products, the reviews, and the prices. Your product had the best price and the best reviews out there. In addition, your product had the longest standing use of any product on the market with clinical testing to back it up. So, I ordered the product and began taking it as soon as I received it.

The results I have had just after 18 days of use are simply remarkable. For many years I have run a very fast passed, demanding, high stress business.  My attitude was not good and I was irritated most of the time due to such demands. The irritation ended up being taken out not just in the business, but at home too. On top of that, I am a 43yr old female and my hormones are not helping matters any. Since taking your product, my entire attitude has changed. I am very positive, I can think straight under pressure without becoming overwhelmed and irritated. I have loads of energy even after going to bed very late and waking up early, I do not feel tired at all during the day. I have not had the hormonal mood swings that I usually experience. I wake up refreshed (even after very little sleep) and ready to take on the demands of the day. My family and employees like me much better and I like me much better.

I read about all the other benefits that others have experienced. I hope to see those results too, but if the above results continue and they are all I receive from the product, it has been worth its' weight in gold to me and the people I am around every day. I hope that you post my testimony on your website for others to see. I will provide an update after a longer time of taking the product.

I so appreciate what you are doing by making this product available.  It has changed my life and relieved my mind, body, soul, and spirit. It has given me my sanity back (which is worth far more than anything in this world can offer).

May God Bless your business and all that you undertake for all the good that you are doing for others through this product. I have recommended this product to the people close to me since they wanted to know why they see such a drastic change in me.  You will receive more orders from my corner of the world.
[Charlotte M. - South Carolina USA]

I just want to thank You for making this amazing product available! I absolutely recommend your GH3 Formula tablets to everyone I know. I have observed my skin becoming tighter, and the surface smoother. As I turn 47 in June, I greatly appreciate this! I have lost 10 pounds without even trying over the past few months. I have also noticed major customer photo smilingimprovement in my general sense of well-being. I sleep better at night, and my mood and outlook is always positive now.

I wish I had found your product 20 years ago, I will continue taking this product for the rest of my life, and will continue recommending it to everyone who will listen! ThankYou so much again for making this miracle product available to the public, and also for the incredibly informative web-site and the exceptional customer service you provide! Can I link you to my web-site? I would be happy to promote your site anyway that I can! [Laurie M. - San Diego -]

"... your product is wonderful! I convinced my husband to start GH3 two months ago because he was feeling very stressed, and a little depressed. After only one week on GH3 he began noticing a huge change in his stress level, and any signs of depression have disappeared. I've noticed a dramatic change in his moods, and he also notices a dramatic change in his sense of well-being. I was first introduced to GH3 over 15 years ago, through a Chiropractor I was seeing at the time. It did wonders for me at that time in my life."
[Debbie K. - USA]

"I was beginning to have symptoms of depression in conjunction with possibly starting menopause. The GH3 has helped my mood swings enormously. I never was a depressed person but did notice the mood swings. Those are all but gone. In fact, I just was off the GH3 for the 5 days off/25 days on, and I noticed a definite change in mood. I couldn't wait to start it again this morning. I have only been taking one tablet daily. Imagine 2!! Also, the graying of my hair has been slowed by half. I now color every six weeks rather than three weeks. Even the hair in my pubic region is completely rid of gray. (Not sure if that's too much info!). In summary, I am looking forward to the long-range positive effects of the GH3 on my body (and mind.) I plan to continue taking it. [Patricia D. - USA]

"... I believe that I am living proof of a lot of the claims that you make about your product. In 1988, I was hospitalized for severe endogenous depression following a failed suicide attempt. At 20 years old, I honestly could not fathom the idea of wanting to live. I was lucky enough to have a very good psychiatrist who started me on an MAO Inhibitor, Nardil.

I can't even begin to describe how that experience changed my life. Anyone who knows me, including my parents will tell you that a different person was born. I remember driving in my car and thinking, wow this must be how normal people feel. No words could ever describe how profoundly those 2 little orange pills changed my life. A few years later, I discovered that I have Huntington's Disease, which is an inherited neurodegenerative disorder similar to Parkinson's and Alzheimers. I have always known, intuitively, that my depression was related to this. I've also known that the MAO Inhibitor was somehow protecting the old neurons.

Of course, no one, including my neurologist who is one of the most highly respected doctors in HD research, has ever believed me or recognized the significance of what I have stumbled upon. In my last appointment with him, when I asked him what he thought about the research that was being done with Parkinson's Disease using the MAO-B Inhibitors. He was not even aware that it was being used. Wouldn't you think that a person who was supposed to be an expert on a neuro-degenerative would occasionally peruse the research that was being done in similar diseases?

All of this rambling does have a point, which hopefully you've gotten by now. I think that we can help each other. I found your web site by accident when I was doing an internet search for articles on MAOI use in Parkinsons. Over the past 15 years, I've paid out more money than I care to think about to what are supposed to be the most respected doctors in medical science.

They've had me taking a medication that has the potential to have fatal side effects. And all the while there has been a safe and inexpensive solution to my problem. I truly understand the significance of this discovery (GH3) and the potential it has for improving the quality and longevity of the lives of thousands of people with life-threatening illnesses.

My intuition tells me that we did not meet by mistake. I would be very interested in talking to you, or anyone else, who is working to make GH3 available.

I'll close with a heartfelt thank you. No words could ever express how profoundly your efforts have affected my life.   [Susan C. - Senior Software Engineer - USA]

"As you know I have had a major illness for 25 years, and virtually had an inactive life for the past ten years and a very poor attitude.

male customer imageWithin the first week of taking GH3 my wife and I have been taking early morning walks. Up to three miles per day. I find myself eagerly and anxiously awaiting the next morning to get started on any project.

I have lost 10 pounds which was badly needed. Bouts of depression are few and far between now. You and your GH3 have given me a new lease on life. A bottle of GH3 should be in the hands of everybody for life!".   ["Webb" - USA]

"... At the same time I noticed the oppressive lack of energy that I have been experiencing for approximately two years lifted and has not come back to fog me. There is still a slight afternoon weariness, but I have frequently fought this off with lemon and expect the same results I got as a younger woman now that I have your GH3". [Linda B. - USA]

"Please e-mail any available information on wholesale pricing of your pharmaceutical grade GH3. I first began taking gh3 about 2 months ago and was absolutely amazed at the results. Many people cannot get over the difference this product has made in my life." [Vera C. - SC, USA]


[The customer above, sent us a second testimonial, please read carefully]

I'd like to start my story by telling you what my life and health was like BEFORE I started using your GH3 with Procaine. Who's getting rich here? I'm not what you would call a "young spring chicken". Actually I'm 50 years young! I used to be 50 years old...that was before I started using GH3.
My doctors and my pharmacy I used for prescriptions were getting pretty rich because of me! I had high blood pressure which I was taking Zestorex for. I had high cholesterol and they had me on Lipitor. I have scoliosis and had a spinal fusion done at a very young age. I have a deteriorated disc at the bottom of my spine. I suffered from sciatica and terrible leg cramps at night. I had chronic bronchitis and what the doctors say was the beginning of COPD. I always suffered from chronic sinus infections.

As you can see, I was spending a lot on doctors and prescriptions. I fact, I believe I paid for my doctors new car! And I wasn't feeling any better! On top of that, I was told I am now in the lovely stage of my life called menopause. How lovely! My doctor wanted to put me on hormones. NO WAY!

THEN I DISCOVERED GH3 I must admit I was a little skeptical at first. I've tried other things from time to time with no significant results. But since it was being advertised as an "Anti-Aging supplement", I thought what do I have to lose? Just because I'm getting older doesn't mean I have to look or feel my age, right? So I decided to try it and see what happens.

I've been using GH3 for about 4 months now. My high blood pressure and my high cholesterol... GONE. I no longer suffer from sciatica or leg cramps at night... GONE. My hair color has returned to it's natural color... my hairdresser couldn't believe it! My nails started to grow longer. I have much more energy and stamina. At one time, I couldn't walk to the corner without being out of breath and in pain. NOT ANYMORE! And although I have seen unbelievable results, I was quite surprised that so many others noticed! "You look great! What are you taking? What's your secret?" All of my ailments and health problems have greatly improved in just this short amount of time! I can't say that everyone will have the same results. You'll have to try it and see! [Vera C. - SC, USA]

I am currently taking GH3 and never felt better. The energy that I have is amazing and I do not have the body aches that occasionally bothered me. [Mary B. - USA]

"... she has had very good results in many areas, even to the point that her family has noticed a remarkable improvement and they now want to go on to GH3 as a result. She also is feeling so much better, the depression has lifted and she has more energy. This is after just one week at that low rate. [Margaret S. - USA]

" Thank you so very much. That sound like a very fair offer. I appreciate your help. You should be proud, your company's customer service is superb. Thanks again.   [Natalya B. - USA]

"... I have been using the tablets for about 3 months and am very pleased. I recently received the anti wrinkle cream. I really like how hydrated my skin feels with it.  [Tammy D. - USA]

" I have tried the product, and am enjoying its benefits in calmness and improved skin tone and texture. I am noticing that body hair has already begun to grow in with colour instead of the white color it was originally. Thanks for the benefits!. Friends who have taken this product are already getting relief from joint pain and are more at ease emotionally as well. [Dr. Wes W - USA]

I am a customer. I have been using the Gh3 tablets for one year. I love your product and would like to continue taking it for unlimited time. Thank you for making it.  [Claudia - USA]

I can see a positive difference in my skin after 3 months of use of your GH3 Formula wrinkle creme and tablets.  [Maria - USA]

I've been on your GH3 for approximately 3 months. I don't know quite how to express how I feel, but, things are happening to my 62 year old body. I have had the aches and pains, graying of my hair, Roseacea, [not a nice thing if you are vain]. Since I've been on GH3 protocol, my aches and pains are lessening, my hair is darkening and my Roseacea is almost completely subsided! I've noticed the same results of the friends who referred this product to me. It's amazing, I just purchased a year's supply. [Joyce M.Z. - USA]

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