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My experience with GH3 has been fantastic. I am going thru a very stressful personal time in my life and since I had been taking the product it is almost three months I feel great, I lost weight, my thyroid problems had improved so much that my Dr. lowered the medicine for the thyroid and he told me that maybe I am not going to need the medication any more.

I told him about the GH3 and that my grand mother used to take it. But one of the most amazing things that is happening is that my hair was falling out and looked very dry and suddenly in the last 2 weeks my hair looks very healthy and thicker and its growing a lot of "new" hairs, my friends and hair stylist notice the difference. I celebrated my 60 birthday on July 17 and suddenly my friends are telling me I look "younger" than ever and when I look in the mirror I see incredible results even the way my complexion looks (genetically I had very good skin but it is glowing right now).

The "funniest" part is that my ex (I'm going thru a divorce) in the last meeting we had with the attorneys "acussed" me of having a boyfriend, because "I looked radiant". The attorneys and I were really laughing, but I didn't "share my secret".  [ Gloria T. - USA]

I have been on GH3 for 2 months and I cannot believe how my energy level has increased. I feel great now. This really works! [Mary T.B. - USA]

I have been taking Gerovital for 21 years continuosly, without it I break out in extreme hives and allergic swelling reactions, this is a blessing for me. The pharmacy in Nevada I used to buy it from told me they could not get it anymore, that's how I gladly found your website. [Diana H, NV - USA]


Dear Andrew, Robert and Rosie, No sooner said that done. I have just received the parcel containing the 12 gerovital bottles. That's very impressive. I really am extremely grateful to you for your help. Thank you very much for all.  [Michael J - France]

Andrew, thank you for making available such quality of product and service. Look forward to receiving my next GH3 order soon.  [Bill R. - USA]

Robert, I hope you enjoy your job. you are so good at it, I am grateful for all your help, and since I have been home ill the whole time, I have enjoyed the e-mails. My order goes out tomorrow. Thanks again!  [Carol C. TX - USA]

"... So she ordered from that seemed to be recommended by several of the web sites as being the best and most honest. If you use this then I do request that you mention them, they've been very good to us and we can only highly recommend them, and you know who they are as this is how you found me.

"... However, I will say that the pain pills went from two or three times a day to nothing within two weeks after starting with the GH3, well, that's not true, now it's maybe two or three a week, but usually only when I've done something really stupid and knew I shouldn't have, or it's really cold. By the end of the 25 day cycle that they tell you to take the pills before resting for five days, I now don't take the other pills at all, and all of these pills are know to cause a lot of other problems. 

"... But, there is more here. Again, I'm not going to suggest that it's the GH3, I'm still a sceptic here, but I do still take them and have never felt better. I have always been the type that you don't want to try to talk to me until AFTER my second cup of coffee in the morning, now I'll answer the phone while the coffee is making. I seem to be cheerier and more clear headed in the mornings.

Now, for the sexual thing, well, I don't know how to put this in a tactful way, but I don't need Viagra anymore, and when I awake in the morning, well, let's say I haven't been that way since I was sixteen or so, well, let me brag a little here, maybe 25 or so, but can assure you it's been a long time. And, in the evenings, well, the wife is very happy with the purchase, and I am also, if for no other reason.

So, do I endorse GH3? No, I can only say that I've never felt so well since July 6, 1986 when I had my accident, I no longer take the medication that I use to take, I am more positive about the future and about the events going on around me at the present, I love my wife even more, and the sex is the best it's ever been, though we've been married 27 years now and my allergies are at the lowest level of problems they have ever been at. The $60 dollars that the GH3 has cost me so far has saved me over $300 dollars that I usually would have spent by this time of year (or at least in the last 15 plus years) for medical bills, I now wake up looking forward to the next few minutes, let alone the rest of the day, or week.

Please feel free to print any or all of this, give my name or address, telephone number, email address or what ever to anyone that asks. I'll give them what I've experienced..."  [Walter F - USA]

"We are going to be placing our second order soon and would like to get this sample as well. By the way, I run an income tax business, and I have been chatting up your product. Would it be possible to get additional instruction sheets that come with the product? I like to give my clients good news so I give them the website that only writes of the product and then tell them if the want to order they need to come to your site. I find it very handy to give them a photocopy of the instruction sheet because everyone wants to know why I haven't gone completely out of my mind during such a busy time of the year for us. Plus the effects of your GH3 are amazing, we can really keep up with this tax season with no pain or strain! Thank you again for all your help! [Pamela F - USA]

"I am enjoying my first week of GH3 immensely, I have already told two people about your company and the gh3 tablets. I gave both of them your address, and they indicated they would be ordering soon. In any event you will be hearing from me soon for a reorder.

How much does it cost to order a 'Lifetime supply" as I plan to continue taking them as long as I can swallow the pills. I have a new sense or relaxation, reduced (nearly to 0) stress. My skin and hair are already looking better- to the point that friends have said gee you look great, rested, happy etc. At 56 years old on Feb. 19th I had the enclosed photo taken today and am very proud of it. Thanks so much. [Wes W - USA]

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